5 books , that could change your life…

The Autobiography

I never read books.  I was never a book buff, then suddenly, just like that, something sparked inside me.  Like I was suddenly hungry for knowledge.

I read somewhere online those same words in my headline.  “5 books that I read, that changed my life”.  That was it. Something inside me said, buy them, read them, and I really followed my gut feeling.


Anyone with an open mind is welcomed to read these. Many of your answers will be answered. (if your in the same state of mind as myself.).

You can start them in no particular order.  You can thank me later.  You can discuss your thoughts at any point.

I also read “The Secret.”  The secret is basically a “commercial” part of the actual truth that it doesn’t really teach you.

The books I mentioned, especially the 3 middle ones, explain a few tricks to…

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